Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lync 2013 to S4B CMS Migration Replication Issues

I recently moved the CMS from Lync 2013 to a new S4B pool for a project I was working on. I followed the normal procedure and re-ran bootstapper on all the nodes that make up the new pool hosting the CMS, as well as the old Lync 2013 pool to remove the CMS role. I verified that the S4B Master Replicator Agent and File Transfer Agent services were running on all four of the new S4B nodes. I rebooted all four of the new S4B servers individually and once complete I attempted to view the CMS replication status however it reported nothing was updating. All entries show UpToDate False, and all of them except the node I ran the Move-csManagmentServer cmdlet from and the edge servers show laststatusreport from around the time I performed the move:

I verified that I was able to download the Topology; I could see that FE01 was the ActiveMaster of the CMS:

I ran a trace using ManagmentCore scenario and saw a couple errors regarding the XDS-Replica folder:

This line stuck out particularly:

Query changes operation failed. Exception [System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '\\\xds-replica\xds-master\xds-master\working\replication\tmp\0c112834-9f3e-49bc-ba01-fb0e4227e56e' is denied.

At this point I attempted to recreate the XDS-Replica folder by following Ken’s blog ) however this didn’t seem to solve it. At this point I knew it had to be something to do with permissions/authentication. I checked and verified that all the servers in the new S4B pool were members of the RTCUniversalConfigReplicator group. 

I finally enabled CAPI2 logs and saw that there was an expired certificate being passed. So I re-ran the deployment wizard, checked and sure enough the OAuth certificate had expired. Renewing the certificate and restarting each server propagated the OAuth certificate and replication began to work. 

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