Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Never Ending Call Forward

Recently I had a client that reported they had a user who went on vacation and had configured their call forwarding settings to forward all their calls to the office receptionist while they were out. When they returned they disabled call forwarding however all of their calls were still being forwarded to the receptionist. Now this is not the first time I have heard of this issue, so I began by first taking a look at their call forwarding settings using SEFAUtil as sometimes the client and the pool won't sync and it takes forcibly changing it via SEFAUtil to change the setting. I pulled the user's config however there was nothing set:

I then tried using Anthony Caragol's Call Forwarding Script just to double check and see if maybe SEFAUtil wasn't reporting something correctly but it reported the same thing:

I thought that this was odd, so I decided to reproduce the issue and pull a trace from the FE pool. Doing so I saw that the call rang the user, then was responded with a PRAC and the forwarding user's identity:

Looking at the closest traces yielded nothing so I decided to also trace from the SBA that the user was registered to. This showed that a Added P-Asserted-Identity from EPID was being sent. Meaning that an endpoint was causing the call forwarding. Now this also was not unheard of however I found it strange that her client was showing no call forwarding and it was and endpoint. So I asked the user to log off of her client and then wait 1 minute then sign back in an re-test. This also yielded the same behavior and same message in the trace. 

I was starting to run out of ideas and so I had one last thought, why not have the user that was receiving the forwarded calls also sign out. After having both users sign out and remain signed out for 5 minutes, then signing back in, the call forwarding was finally disabled. 

So when in doubt while troubleshooting call forwarding have all the users sign out that are involved.

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