Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Disable Interfaces on AudioCodes Mediant 1000

One of our clients recently rolled out AudioCodes Element Management System (EMS) and noticed that they were receiving a lot of alarms about interfaces being down. You might also see these alarms show up on the gateway management page:

I wasn't able to find much online in the way of how to administratively down or disable the alarms on each gateway so I opened a support ticket figured it out and thought I should post this in the event that anyone else out there also needs to do this. 

First login to your gateway and determine which interface you want to turn disable the alarm on. The interfaces are read on the top row beginning as GB_0_1 on the left and then going two, three, four, etc, if you have another row of interfaces then it would be GB_X_1 with X being 1-9

Once you have written down which interface you want to remove, expand VoIP -> Network -> and select Ethernet Groups Table:

Select Index 0 (or whichever index has the interface under the member column) and then click edit:

In the edit record window click the drop down of the member you want to remove, and change it to none:

Click submit, and your changes should show the Index as no longer having that interface listed:

You will then need to restart the gateway for the changes to take effect 

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